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Sakara Gold is the premium quality Egyptian beer with a European taste for those who appreciate a sophisticated beer. It is easy to drink and suitable for the hot climates due to its light, refreshing nature and low alcohol content (4%).

Sakara Gold is available in:

  • 500ml One way bottle
  • 500ml Can



is the specialty wheat beer of the Sakara family aimed at the beer connoisseurs who are looking for a unique and alternative European taste. Originating from Bavaria, the southern state of Germany, Sakara Weizen is produced with top fermenting yeast at higher temperatures. It is produced unfiltered which gives the beer a cloudy, turbid yet original appearance. It is produced from a mixture of barley and wheat malt. The specific yeast strains give the beer its unique flavor with a crisp and refreshing taste that makes it a favored drink during the hot summer season, especially when served with a slice of lemon.


is the highest alcohol beer in the Sakara family with alcohol content of 10%. It is aimed at those who as seeking a more daring drinking experience.

Sakara King is only available in:

  • 550ml Cans.


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