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ABC operates five world-class production facilities in Egypt, all ISO certified. Highly motivated and well-trained employees, passion for quality and use of best practices in Production and Logistics ensure the delivery of high-quality products to our consumers.

BC drives a comprehensive sustainability agenda:

Safety and protection of the environment as the first priorities in the Company;
ALocal sourcing of raw and packaging materials, with the highest performance in the AMEE Region; the Company also actively collaborates with suppliers in terms of technical support, trainings and engagement;
AContinuous reduction of water and energy consumption within the Supply Chain.


It’s a state of the art and technologically advanced brewery that produces various brands of beer for domestic and international markets and has approximately a team of 150 employees.


It’s a new ABC’s diamond brewery located in Gouna at Hurghada that produces various brands of beer (Luxor, Sakkara & Weizen) for domestic market and has approximately a team of 41 employees.


These modern production plants produce non-alcoholic beverages and export to other Arab countries. Badr is also the Central Warehouse for ABC.


Gianaclis is the biggest winery and modern distillery in the Region. It produces a variety of wines and spirits and has approximately a team of 100 employees.


It is an ultra-modern malt plant located in 6th of October area. The malt plant products are used in exports and it has approximately a team of 31 employees.